Cut The Cord

CTC project is an EU-ISF-Police funded project with 30 months duration that kicked off in November 2021. Its consortium consists of 10 partners from across Europe. It aims at preventing and disrupting terrorism financing through a public-private cooperation enhancement, capacity building and preparedness of the end-users regarding Countering Terrorism Financing. CTC will provide technical solutions based on Artificial Intelligence tools for data acquisition and analysis of financial transactions (e.g., cryptocurrency transactions). To achieve the above objectives and in order to maximize the applicability and usability of CTC, the project aspires to form a strong Stakeholder Community, with members from key group audiences such as Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs), Financial Intelligence Units (FIUs), Financial Authorities and payment Services, Cryptocurrency Anti Money Laundering Organisations and Policy Makers and more.

Grant Agreement No. 101036276

CYCLOPES: Cybercrime Law Enforcement Practitioner's Network

A 5-year project that aims to build and maintain an innovation-driven network of European law enforcement agencies combating cybercrime. The network – in addition to identifying capability gaps and requirements and sharing best practices – will focus on the ongoing dialogue with industry and academia who are delivering products and conducting research on solutions that help fight cybercrime.

The CYCLOPES project is working towards many objectives over the coming years. In summary, these include:

  • Forming a European law enforcement agencies’ network of practitioners combating cybercrime
  • To define the capability gaps and requirements of practitioners fighting cybercrime
  • To monitor development of new technologies, research activities and innovations applied to combatting cybercrime
  • To indicate priorities regarding domains requiring standardisation and innovation uptake
  • To cooperate with other networks of practitioners and relevant stakeholders fighting cybercrime

Grant Agreement No. 101021669

Ceasefire: Advanced versatile artificial intelligence technologies and interconnected cross-sectoral fully-operational national focal points for combating illicit firearms trafficking

Ceasefire is an EC-funded Horizon Europe Innovation Action that launched in October 2022. It has been designed to improve the crime-fighting ability of European nations using modern technology. Bringing together 21 expert partners from across Europe, under the coordination of Centre for Research and Technology – Hellas (CERTH, Greece), it is a 3-year R&D project focused on combating firearms trafficking.

Ceasefire is building a community of stakeholders (e.g., various LEAs, LEA user communities, initiatives or established bodies and other EC-funded projects) that are relevant to the project goals and can benefit from its results. If one is interested in joining, they can sign up to the Ceasefire community’s mailing list ( All personal data is kept internally within Ceasefire, adhering to the highest privacy standards

Grant Agreement No 101073876