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Knowledge Hub

A pan-European and multi-disciplinary knowledge hub, incorporating participants from LEAs, academia, the private sector and any interested stakeholder. The hub encourages the implementation of knowledge sharing which are crucial for achieving efficient and in-depthcommunication of all involved stakeholders. The Knowledge aims to serve as a long-term enabling factor supported by EACTDA to keep up with the developments in this particular field and to introduce appropriate solutions, beyond the lifetime of the project.


The Toolkit enables the familiarization, execution, experimentation and evaluation of key technological solutions related to the unravelling of terrorist financing activitieson the Web (with particular emphasis on analysing Dark Web related acts).

Learning Platform

Training modules will be developed,  based on well-established knowledge of past training activities within other EU founded actions. The training environment will be deployed, including tools, data modules and innovations. This material is available in the online learning environment. The final version of this material will be translated into four additional languages (French, German, Spanish, Italian).